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Jennings Winery

Jennings Winery is the result of Ed’s & Tina’s love of wine

and desire to craft fruit flavored wines. They shared their wine-making

craft with family and friends and it was with their continued

encouragement that Ed & Tina decided to take the step and establish a

small, home based winery.


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Lindon Wines

Lindon Wines is a small family owned Iowa winery, located just outside of Burlington, Iowa. All our wines are produced from grapes grown in our own vineyard. It was started and is owned and operated by Don & Linda McCabe. Growing as a business from Don’s passion for agriculture and enology (the study of wines).Don grew up on a farm near Mt. Pleasant, IA,

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Little Swan Lake Winery

Little Swan Lake Winery is a family owned and operated business located 1-1/2 miles north of the small town of Superior in Northwest Iowa. In May of 2002 our doors opened to the public. The tasting room, our remodeled 1920's barn, features 35 different wines all produced on site, a selection of gourmet cheeses, and buffalo meat from our own herd which roams

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Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery

Downtown Hotel Service is a global distribution to help visitors book a reservation near their desired location. They also provide luxury marketing support to make the process easy and simple. With interactive maps, access to car rentals and history about the city itself. Downtown Hotel Service is a great start is a great vacation. They also provide

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Madison County Winery

Madison County Winery is owned and operated by Doug and Cheryl Bakker, with some help from their

children - Brittany, Andrew and Julia.

The property was purchased in 2000 and the next year was spent developing the land in preparation for planting the vineyard.

With the help of countless family members and friends the vines

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Prairie Crossing Vineyard & Winery

In April of 2004, under a steady rain and covered in mud, Prairie Crossing Vineyard and Winery officially started.

Andy and Julianna were attracted to the vibrant history of grape growing in Iowa, so they set out to establish Prairie Crossing together.

They started out with just a single test row of vines, which initially failed

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Prairie Moon Winery & Vineyards

In 2000, Steven Nissen planted the first vines of what now has become an thirteen acre vineyard. The dream was to grow high quality grapes, in order to create fine estate wines, without having to buy grapes from established growing areas like California. It has been a slow process, but we believe our products reflect the the kinds of wines you can get in new

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Revasser Winery

Located just 15 minutes south of Iowa City, Revasser Winery (reh-va-say)

offers an intimate setting for tasting and relaxation. Surrounded by some of the best Iowa farm ground and rolling hills, the

picturesque setting of our winery

takes you away from the fast-paced stress of the week and into a tranquil, intimate time-out

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Santa Maria Vineyard Winery

For 30 years, John and Rose Guinan lived with their family in Omaha, NE. In 1999, John developed an interest in making wine and it quickly became his at-home hobby. Around 2005, John grew tired of working in the corporate world and decided that his hobby could become his business. Rose was delighted – her kitchen would finally be clear of wine splatters on

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Snus Hill Vineyard & Winery

Snus Hill is an award-winning family owned winery in rural Iowa striving to create wines with a regional identity reflective of the soils and climate using American and French-American varieties.The quiet and peaceful countryside awaits you with pastoral views from expansive decks. A large banquet room with a dance floor is available for weddings,

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Stone Cliff Winery

Stone Cliff Winery is a family owned and operated winery. The vineyard is located in the beautiful rolling hills north of Dubuque in Eastern Iowa. Bob and Nan Smith, the proprietors, planted the vineyard in 1995 and had their first product offering in 2001. Their production and Tasting Room is now located in the Historic Star Brewery Building in the Port of

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Summerset Winery

Summerset Winery is located near Des Moines, Iowa in Indianola, and produces award winning Iowa wines from locally grown grapes. The winery is open daily and provides free samples. Don't miss the live music concerts, every Sunday all year long! Winery Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10:00am- 5:00pm Live Music Concerts every Sunday, all year long! About Summerset

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Sunset Ridge Winery

Dry wines, also sometimes called "Table Wines", are wines which do not have an appreciable amount of residual sugar present in the finished, bottled wine. Because they do not have much or any sugar in the wine, they are not sweet. In other words, "dry", when referring to wine, basically means the opposite of "sweet".

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Sweetland Farmstead

Sweetland is a diversified family farm in Norwich, Vermont. We grow a wide variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables for our CSA and markets using sustainable practices on conserved farmland. Our animals are raised free-range on lush pastures and we make sweet-smelling feed hay that keeps our Upper Valley neighbors’ animals happy all winter long. The mission at

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Tabor Home Vineyards & Winery


Home Vineyards and Winery is a family owned and operated winery

producing International award-winning estate wines in eastern Iowa -

yes, Iowa - near the town of Baldwin. The vineyards and winery are located on our family's 1860s farmstead. Dr. Paul Tabor, the winemaker and manager, is the fifth generation in his family

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TownsEnd Winery & Vineyard

TownsEnd Winery is partially open.

Although our tasting and facilities are not currently open to the public, we do offer curbside service.

Call the winery at (641) 456-2836 to order a variety of wines, and we will be happy to box up your choices and bring them to your vehicle.

Phone payment by credit card is required at the

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Train Wreck Winery

Open since December 20, 2011, we are a small winery dedicated to producing quality wines served in a fun atmosphere. We make a variety of wines, from sweet to dry; red, white and blush. We invite you to stop by, try our wines, and relax in our beautifully restored depot.

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Tucker Hill Vineyards

Tucker Hill Vineyards officially opened to the public on May 29, 2009. However, the start of this venture goes back a little farther.Barry’s interest in making wine started in the late 1990s. His family gave him a home wine making kit and he processed his first batch of wine in 1998, a Chardonnay. From there he furthered his fascination with this hobby by

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Two Saints Winery

Two Saints Winery is a family owned boutique winery located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Warren County just south of West Des Moines, Iowa. We hand craft our wines from these luscious Iowa grapes grown in our rich Iowa soil.We are one of the few Iowa wineries that specializes in using 100 % Iowa grapes to make our Award Wining Iowa Wines! All of our

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Van Wijk Winery

With it's cozy, warm ambiance,

Van Wijk Winery

is the perfect place to bring your family to celebrate life events.It's also a great place for fun date nights and first dates, to meet old and new friends, hold an intimate party or business meeting.Or, just come and relax on the breezy shaded deck with your favorite bottle of Van Wijk

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Village Winery

In 2010, The Village Winery opened a satellite store at the Ramada Inn Wasserbahn.This store is located in the parking lot of the hotel, at Exit 225 of Interstate 80. At this location, we carry the same fruit and berry wines that we make in Amana. We also have a smaller gift shop that is your I80 stop for Amana products, such as breads, jams and jellies, and

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White Cross Cellars

White Cross wines were born from a desire to handcraft a traditional grape wine for the visitors to the Amana Colonies. The White Cross wines feature a decidedly German, French, and California style while using classic wine making grapes along with Midwestern varieties. Our wines are designed and handcrafted to meet a particular palette. We determine the

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Wide River – Le Claire

Wide River Winery takes its name from the widest part of the Mississippi River. This fertile area allows us to make wine from the goodness of the earth. Begin your Wide River adventure by exploring our exciting variety of wines. From dry to dessert, we have something for everyone’s taste.

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Wide River Winery

Wide River Winery takes its name from the widest part of the Mississippi River. This fertile area allows us to make wine from the goodness of the earth. Begin your Wide River adventure by exploring our exciting variety of wines. From dry to dessert, we have something for everyone’s taste.

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Wide River Winery – Davenport

Thanks to many visitors and loyal Clinton wine drinkers sales and production have reached 85,000 bottles per year.

We aim to involve

customers in food, wine,

conversations and togetherness at our three tasting rooms in Clinton, Le Claire and Davenport, Iowa. Customers recapture that experience by enjoying quality Wide River

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Winneshiek Wildberry Winery

Winneshiek Wildberry Winery is a family-owned and operated winery specializing in award-winning fruit and Midwestern grape table wine in Decorah, Iowa. The winery is located on our 150-year family farm between Decorah, Iowa, and Mabel, Minnesota. From May through October, you can order lunch from our restaurant. All year round you can order cheese and

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Chatter Creek Winery

This is a winemaker’s take on how to make cider. Balance and structure are the keys for a cider that is perfect to accompany cheese, charcuterie, seafood and chicken. Even hot or spicy dishes are enhanced by this cider. Truly a cider for the table!This structure is achieved by blending ciders crafted from English bittersweet apple varieties for aroma and

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At The Barn Winery

Housed in a barn built in 1870 on a family property, it is the perfect setting for a glass of wine. while enjoying the vineyards or the company of soon-to-be friends. Our small, boutique-style winery is simple and unassuming. We find that people are more comfortable with the farm-to-table idea. Everyone wants to know what they are putting on the table and

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Belgian Horse Winery

Belgian Horse Winery's location honors a six-generation family tradition of sharing time with family and loving good wine. In 1836, the Harter family's Virginian ancestors financed the purchase of this tranquil property with funds raised by selling Belgian horses.Two generations later, Harry Harter made the family's horses famous across the globe when his

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Best Vineyards

Best Vineyards started as a crazy idea to grow some table grapes and make a few bucks off the farm Wilbert had purchased back in 2000.

Rachel, Wilbert’s sister was a somewhat reluctant participant at the time.

Berretta, Wilbert’s other sister, hopped on the crazy wagon a year or so later.

A local farmer of corn, wheat, and

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Blackhawk Winery

Blackhawk Winery was established in 2011 as a result of an epiphany of "why not open a winery?" It is really just a hobby that has gotten out of control. We realized we had a 5-acre field being leased out for soybeans that could produce a reasonable amount of grapes to support a small winery. We also had a large pole barn that we could partition off and

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Blue Heron Vineyards Winery

Gary is the master-mind, dreamer and philosopher of Blue Heron Vineyards. His vision is the reason for all that we are as a business. He often says he wears too many hats (and proved it one day by walking in the living room wearing about 20!). He is the vineyard master, the cellar master, the stick carver and main caretaker of the property.His background is

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Briali Vineyards Winery

Briali is built on the value of respect for the environment. We here at Briali have found fulfillment in planting and nurturing 11 varieties of grapevines, using biodynamic techniques and eco-friendly practices to turn our grapes into wine. Though more labor-intensive, the winemaker, Brian Moeller, endorses the philosophy that “wine is made on the vine."

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Brown County Winery

Dave and Cynthia Schrodt opened Brown County Winery in 1986 in a small retail shop located in the heart of the Village of Nashville behind the Nashville House. Dave, a winemaker, felt that Nashville was a prime location for a small winery, since the community was deeply rooted in the arts. The gentle rolling hills made for the perfect backdrop. The first

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Buck Creek Winery

From 1991 until 2006, our Owner and Vintner Jeff Durm grew grapes, sold grapes, and made wine in his basement.

In April of 2006 we opened our doors to the public and began to share his efforts with the world.

We've won 148 Medals at the Indy International Wine Competition along with numerous other awards.

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Butler Winery

Butler Winery has been producing wine in Indiana for over 35 years. We are proud to carry on the tradition of making quality Indiana wines from Indiana grown grapes. We feel wines should be a reflection of not just the winemaker; but also the climate, soils, and the people who grow the grapes. With over 20 varieties we are sure to have something that you

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Butler Winery – Bloomington

Jim and Susan met at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1969. Jim grew up near Dayton, Ohio, and Susan grew up in Indianapolis. They were married in 1972. In 1973 they moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, where Jim attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota. They moved back to Bloomington in 1976 and Jim started working at Oliver Winery

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Butler Winery – Chesterton

The Indiana Uplands are the remnant of a highly dissected, non-glaciated plateau located in south-central Indiana.

The AVA extends approximately from the Monroe County/Morgan County line between Bloomington and Martinsville south to the Ohio River, a distance of roughly 110 miles.

It greatest distance east-west is approximately 60

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Byler Lane Winery

Byler Lane Winery is more than the delicious wines we serve – though those are certainly a highlight! It is where friends become family, stories are shared, and memories are made. We have been serving

quality wines since 2016 ranging from drys to sweets.

Stop by

for a tasting and stay for a relaxing evening overlooking the

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Chateau de Pique

Tucked into the rolling farmlands of Seymour, Indiana, Chateau de Pique stands among 80 picturesque acres of beautiful rustic countryside. Housed in a quaint 19th century horse barn, our main facility was restored and designed to be the warmest, most inviting meeting place with the best amenities Southern Indiana has to offer.

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Carousel Winery

Carousel Winery

providing award winning wines for the past 20 years.

Owned and operated by Sue and Marion Wilson.with their passion of

20+ years of experience are producding

hand crafting premiums

wines in Southern Indiana.

According to our customers "some

of the best wines in

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Cedar Creek Winery (IN)

Cedar Creek Winery is a family-run winery crafting an array of award-winning wines, we are located in the historic Cedar Creek Settlement

situated in downtown Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Our winery offers a unique experience with tastings and tours daily. Our location, both the town and building, has a rich history. Constructed in 1864, the Cedar Creek

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Chateau de Pique – Clarksville

Tucked into the rolling farmlands of Seymour, Indiana, Chateau de Pique stands among 80 picturesque acres of beautiful rustic countryside. Housed in a quaint 19th century horse barn, our main facility was restored and designed to be the warmest, most inviting meeting place with the best amenities Southern Indiana has to offer.

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Chateau de Pique – Indianapolis

Tucked into the rolling farmlands of Seymour, Indiana, Chateau de Pique stands among 80 picturesque acres of beautiful rustic countryside. Housed in a quaint 19th century horse barn, our main facility was restored and designed to be the warmest, most inviting meeting place with the best amenities Southern Indiana has to offer.

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Chateau Pomije Winery

Our story is about family. . . Chateau Pomije Winery was founded by the Schumrick Family. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Schumirck had a dream to build a winery that would rival the wineries of Europe. The Shumricks planted the original vineyards. The family worked in the vineyards together . . . playing, laughing and enjoying country life together.The Shumricks

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Chateau Thomas – Bloomington

In the case of Dr. Charles Thomas, founder of Chateau Thomas Winery, the answer to that question is lots and lots of wine: 15,000 cases of wine each year to be exact, accounting for some 50 varietals. It wasn't easy to reach that impressive statistic. Before opening the winery in 1984, the doctor studied the finest French wines he could track down, took

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Chateau Thomas – Fishers

For more than 25 years, Chateau Thomas Winery has been bringing a taste of the old world to the heart of the Hoosier state. It started in the 1970s, when Dr. Charles Thomas, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist, decided to expand his winemaking hobby into a full-time venture. But first, he did his homework. He dutifully collected and studied the

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Chateau Thomas – Nashville

Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield and tasting room in Nashville have been acquired by Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard! We were fortunate enough to begin this process in early December with Dr. Thomas. If you have stopped in the Plainfield location over the last couple of weeks you might've seen and talked with several CHW employees about the exciting

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Chateau Thomas Winery

The Grand Vineyard Rooms at Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield, Indiana offer a unique, cozy setting for rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, receptions, birthday parties, reunions and meetings. Our made-from-scratch menu options are just a sampling of Chef Gulesian's talents. The Vineyard Room showcases a 24' by 24' parquet dance floor, built-in

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Coal Creek Cellars

Our winery is housed in a beautiful 100 year old red barn. Inside the barn, you will find a cozy and elegant tasting room with a fireplace and decks attached outside for warmer weather visits. Our vineyard surrounds the barn and adds to the warm aesthetic of Coal Creek Cellars Winery. We have 15 wines and invite you to come visit us today!

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Cooper’s Hawk Indianapolis

At Cooper’s Hawk, we understand that great wines begin in the vineyard. Our winemaker and his team

travel the globe looking for the very best grapes and when they are particularly impressed – whether it be in Chile, France, California or Washington – they work with the wine grower to begin crafting our wine. Our winemaker nurtures each wine

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Cooper’s Hawk Merrillville

Cooper’s Hawk has created a modern, casual dining experience with warm hospitality in an inviting upscale setting. Our culinary team has designed a contemporary American menu infused with flavors from around the world. Each dish is made fresh in our scratch kitchen, incorporating peak-of-season ingredients, and listed with a bin number to guide you to your

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Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard

Constructed on our family-owned farm, Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard gives true meaning to its name. The farm has over 100 years of family heritage. We have generations of experience growing excellent crops, and it is our greatest pride to nurture our grapes from the day we plant the vines through the day you enjoy our wine.We maintain over 70 acres

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Country Moon Winery

With a view of the vineyard, you can enjoy free samples of wine paired with tasty tidbits under the canopy. Outdoor seating is available and wine is sold chilled by the glass or bottle.Growing grapes in the middle of corn and soybean country may sound a little crazy. Bone-chilling winters, late spring frosts, and wet summers are all unfavorable to grapevines

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Easley Winery

Easley Winery began as the dream and vision of Jack & Joan Easley in the late 1960’s. Making wines as a hobby in their basement in Indianapolis, Jack and Joan dreamed of growing grapes and making wine in Indiana. Jack was an attorney and Joan owned her own market research business. After learning it was illegal to make and sell wine in Indiana, they

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Ertel Cellars Winery

Located in the fertile soil of the Indiana rolling hills, Ertel Cellars Winery has maintained it's own vineyard since 1999.

After several years of selling the grapes to local wineries the Ertel family decided to open their own state of the art winery & restaurant in 2006. Nestled in the lush Indiana countryside Ertel Cellars Winery folds local

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Fiekerts Homestead Wines

At Webers Westside Wines, you will still have the pleasure of selecting from an extensive collection of red, white, and specialty wines, as well as the option for personalized wine labels. Each individual batch of wine will continue to be hand crafted using the finest juices, grapes, and berries.

Since they start with very high quality juices and

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French Lick Winery

Our Heaven's View Vineyard was planted in the spring of 1998 on a Hoosier Homestead Farm overlooking the White River Valley in Martin County. Located approximately 20 miles west of the winery, the vineyard's eight acres are comprised of the first planting of Norton grapes in Indiana, as well as Cabernet Franc, Catawba, Cayuga, Chambourcin, Noiret, Steuben,

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Hopwood Cellars

​"Best Cabernet Sauvignon". Hopwood is proud to receive this grand award from the prestigious 7000 member American Wine Society competition. The Strauss Collection by Hopwood has now received 17 big medals and 2 Trophies including "Best of Show". 3 years in the making, big blends, all wax sealed. Hopwood ships to 39 states.

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Holtkamp Winery

Established in 2013, Holtkamp Winery is a family owned true Estate winery offering a variety of wines to suit many tastes.

Doug Holtkamp started making wine in 2002 stemming from his love and enjoyment of drinking wine with friends and family.

This continued passion led him to establish his own winery.

By teaming up with Jeff

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Heagy Vineyards

Heagy Vineyards is a working family farm, vineyard and winery located just north of the small town of Roann, IN. We planted our first vines in 2007 and have continued to cultivate both red and white wine varieties that develop fully and consistently in our climate zone. Believing every location has a wine grape that can express something distinct and

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Hartland Winery

When Alan planted a vineyard and then started making wine in Brenda’s kitchen in 2006, there was never any thought of opening a winery. But, when he started entering wine competitions and winning bronze, silver, gold and double gold, it became clear that he had an untapped talent; so Alan and Brenda started making plans.

Those plans took 7 years

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Harmony Winery

Harmony Winery opens with a rich history of award-winning winemaking.

Harmony Winery started with a passion for making fine wines from juice and grapes in 2002. Since then, we have continued to bring central Indiana great wines and unique experiences.

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Fruitshine Wine

Our Winery is located on a farmstead, established in 1890, in Carroll County, Indiana. We purchased the farm in 1999 and immediately planted fruit trees to add to the orchard. As time passed, the fruit we didn't sell we started turning into wine. I use the same wine-making techniques passed down from my Spanish great-grandma and grandma, who used to make

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Huber Orchard Winery & Vineyards

We currently have approximately 2 acres of vineyards planted and continue to expand on that. We focus primarily on newer cold hardy varieties such as Marquette and Frontenac Gris and this spring we planted a new cold hardy red grape named Petite Pearl. We also grow Vignole and Traminette. Traminette has been designated as Indiana’s signature grape and is a

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J & J Winery

Halliday was quoted saying about 2012 in McLaren Vale” I cannot remember a vintage having received such hyperbolic praise right across the board, covering all regions and all varieties, as there is for 2012. Words that came up repeatedly were ‘fantastic’, ‘outstanding’, ‘sensational’, ‘best in my lifetime’, ‘perfect in every way’…”

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Lanthier Winery

Perched just off the Ohio River in historic downtown Madison, Indiana is Lanthier Winery.

The winery building is believed to have been a fort in the mid-1700s.

During the height of the steamboat and railroad days in the 19th century, the building was used as a storage depot and also a well-known brothel.

Over the years, the

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Madison County Winery (IN)

Eric got into the hobby of making home-brewed beer.

He soon ventured onto home-made wine.

Eric liked to share his creations with his family and friends.

His friends liked his beer and wine so well that they asked him if he would start selling it to them.

Since he can't legally sell them wine without a permit, he

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Madison Vineyards Estate Winery

In 2006, Steve and Sandy Palmer of Madison Vineyards Estate Winery, were instrumental in the inception of the southeast Indiana Wine Trail.

They spent dedicated hours and investments to the Trail's success and are now on the path to retiring their beautiful estate winery. It is our

honor to recognize them as a Legacy Member

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Mallow Run Winery

Mallow Run is the product of years of hard work by John Richardson and his son, Bill, and Bill’s wife, Laura. John grew up on the farm, moved away to teach school for 35 years, and then retired back on the farm with the intent of growing grapes to supply other Indiana wineries. Bill, who grew up dreaming of living on the farm, settled into the original

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McClure’s Orchard Winery

McClure's Orchard & Winery is a family-run apple farm located north of Peru, on U.S. Highway 31. Just over twenty years ago, Paige and Jerry went looking for a new adventure. They happened upon an overgrown orchard, trees tall and full of suckers with a lawn unkempt, lonely and detached from its community. Throughout the sixty-acre spread, only one apple

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Aspirations Winery

Since 2010 we have been making some of Florida's best, hand crafted, low sulphite wines.

Located in sunny Clearwater Florida, we hand-craft over 25 wines every year, right here at our veteran family owned & operated craft winery.

Although we specialize in making some of the tastiest award winning, fruit-infused wines

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Bluefield Estate Winery

Located on the eastside of Gainesville, one mile East of Newnan’s lake in a small community known as Windsor, which was to be the original location of the University of Florida. In the early summer of 2006, as a new energetic couple, Jennifer and Bradley Ferguson starting making wine in their kitchen out of the blueberries produced on the family farm after

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Brewer Cellars

Brewer Cellars is dedicated to providing you with premium home wine making kits, wine making supplies and premium service for all of your winemaking needs. We are proud of our commitment to our customers, to supply the home wine making equipment and materials to be successful in home winemaking. Choose from our wide array of reds, whites, blushes and fruit

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Bunker Hill Vineyard

Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery is a locally owned and run business in Duette, Florida by husband and wife, Larry and Lenora Woodham. They began by planting their vines 20+ years ago and tending to them everyday since. Once the vines were mature enough, Larry and Lenora bottled their first wines in the summer of 2009, which began the journey to what Bunker

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Chautauqua Vineyards & Winery

The first step in production begins in the vineyard. Our 50 acre vineyard was planted in 1979 and is located 12 miles north of Defuniak Springs. The grapes are of Muscadine varieties. Muscadine grapes are native and are found growing wild in most areas of the southeastern states. Our varieties are Carlos and Noble, improved generations selected and

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Cooper’s Hawk Naples

At Cooper’s Hawk, we understand that great wines begin in the vineyard. Our winemaker and his team travel the globe looking for the very best grapes and when they are particularly impressed – whether it be in Chile, France, California or Washington – they work with the wine grower to begin crafting our wine. Our winemaker nurtures each wine according to its

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